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For centuries, millions of people have practiced the moving meditation and martial art known as Tai Chi Chuan. It is a slow motion exercise that develops both the mind and the body. It is absorbing, but not exhausting or stressful. It consists of a series of continuous movements designed to relax and develop the whole body. The aim of the movements is to build up the body's internal strength, suppleness and stamina. Benefits include increased focus and concentration, relaxation, balance and coordination. It has been used by athletes as a cross training tool to improve performance in a variety of sports, including tennis and golf. As a martial art, Tai Chi uses the principles of yin and yang and the rules of body mechanics to neutralize and redirect the force of an attack. Maximum results are sought through minimum effort.



Blue Dragon

Classes are taught by Sifu Michael Ferstendig and Sifu Ann Harvey who have been trained and certified by Master Nathan Menaged and Grandmaster William C.C. Chen in the principles of Grandmaster Chen's Body Mechanics of Tai Chi Chuan. Classes are held at the Tree of Life Yoga and Wellness Center located at 102-06 Metropolitan Avenue, Forest Hills, New York, 11375. To reserve space in a class, call the center at 718-544-5997. Click Here for class descriptions, rates and schedules.

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If you are interested in signing up for classes or require further information please email us at taibox@aol.com or call Ann Harvey at (718) 544-8408 or Michael Ferstendig at (917) 968-3837.



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