Forest Hills Tai Chi Chuan


Classes Offered

Short Form

The 60 movement short form in the yang style as devised by Grandmaster William C.C. Chen will be taught. The emphasis is on learning the basic mechanics and relaxation. The short form is the first step to all other classes. Beginners classes will be held on Saturdays but beginners may also attend Sundays or Wednesdays with permission of the Instructor.

Form Corrections

Begin to work on the short form in more depth. In this class we will work on correcting the form, learning to coordinate breathing, relaxation and expanding spiral energies for maximum benefits. Also taught will be Chi Kung (energy work) exercises such as the Eight Silk Brocade exercises and the Swimming Dragon.

Advanced Tai Chi

This class will include aspects of form corrections, martial arts applications of the short form postures and an introduction to push hands, a two person exercise in balance and coordination.

San Shou (Boxing)

Boxing utilizes techniques of free fighting (sparring) with an emphasis on body mechanics. Participants must provide their own 16-oz boxing gloves and a mouthpiece for light contact. Knowledge of the short form and permission from the instructor is required.

Sword Form

The jian or double-edged sword is taught. Knowledge of the short form is required as is the purchase of a wooden practice sword.



 Class Schedule

Tree of Life Yoga and Wellness Center
102-06 Metropolitan Avenue, Forest Hills, New York, 11375






Sifu Ann Harvey

6:30PM - 7:30PM

Tai Chi Short Form - Qigong


Sifu Michael Ferstendig

4:45PM - 5:45PM

Tai Chi Short Form - All Levels




5 Classes


10 Classes


Single Class


Discounts may apply under certain circumstances. 
Please contact us for details.



Additional Classes







Queens Physical Therapy

67-40 108th St., Forest Hills NY 11375 

8:30AM - 9:15AM 

Tai Chi Short Form and Qigong - For Rehabilitation 


Central Queens Y

67-09 108th St., Forest Hills NY 11375 

 11:10AM - 12:00PM

Tai Chi Beginners and Qigong - Primarily for Seniors 


Middle Village Center

69-10 75th St., Middle Village NY  

 11:00AM - 12:00PM

Tai Chi, Qigong and Fall Prevention - All levels for Seniors 


Central Queens Y

67-09 108th St., Forest Hills NY 11375 

 10:00AM - 11:00AM

Tai Chi and Qigong - Advanced for Seniors 


*Additional Classes taught by Sifu Ann Harvey. 

For information and rates e-mail taibox@aol.com



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